Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today's stuff

So, I will be dropping Ella at preschool in a bit & then heading over to the gym for a swim workout. I have to do about 1200 meters and then I have a 5k tempo run planned at home. From there, Trish & Rebekah are coming over to study for the Cooper Institute personal trainer certification. Yes, I am in the process of studying to get certified. And, I am going to Dallas in less than 2 weeks to take the week-long training course and then to take the certification exam. I had been feeling anxious about all of that & this morning I finally prayed and gave it over to God. I am trusting Him to help me to absorb all the material and to pass the exam. I was feeling like it was almost a bit too much for me to accomplish in my own strength (which, it is!!). So, I am giving it to Him and allowing Him to carry me through this. Of course, this doesn't mean I am not studying -- no, in fact, I am trying my best to study hard and get it all learned!

So, that is my morning in a nut shell. Maybe I'll be back later to talk about the afternoon & evening.

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