Wednesday, March 5, 2008


At our small group last night we talked about peace....and whether or not we all have this fruit of the Spirit. Now, of course there are times where we have peace & others times we don't. And that, by its very nature, is the problem. Our study pointed out how we automatically have access to God's peace when we accept Him into our hearts. The matter is not whether we have a constant source of peace, the matter is whether we choose to accept His peace and WALK in His peace. So, we looked at some of God's attributes -- what makes Him trustworthy & why we can have faith in Him and therefore, have access to an incredible levels of peace -- even in the midst of the storms of life.
I learned a lot last night & I am resolving to seek God more, trust Him more & give Him my worries. By doing this, I believe I can walk in a new level of peace that will ultimately glorify Him.

And now, switching gears...

I started my day today by taking Jonah to school and then working on my studying for the personal trainer certification. In fact, I should be doing more of that right now. But, I need a break. I am trying to absorb all that I need to, in order to go to Dallas in 2 weeks for the training and exam.

I also went to the gym & did my prescribed workout (my friend & triathlon coach, Rebekah, has written my triathlon training plan for this season). Today was a "long run" and 1/2 hour core & stretching. I did 6.2 miles on the treadmill (torture) and then lifted and did core & stretching. So far I am on target with my plan, but it will go out the window (well, not totally) while I am away in New York next week & then in Dallas the week after. But, I will do my best.

Looking ahead, this weekend is a night away for me & Matt. We have a wedding to attend in Houston & Angie will be coming to take care of the kids/house/dogs for us. She is such an awesome friend!!

I guess that is all for now. Later.

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