Tuesday, April 1, 2008

WOOT! It is Official!!

So, after about 6 months of home study & 4 days of training/learning & a 3-hour exam in Dallas, TX at the Cooper Institute....I am now an official Certified Personal Trainer! YAY!! I got my exam results this past Saturday and passed with a 91%!!!!

I was thrilled to have passed, to have done well on the exam and I am thrilled to be done with that whole process. It did take quite a bit of energy & time, but it was worth it, I believe & it feels great to have accomplished the goal.

Thanks to my new friend Trish (who sort of motivated me to get the studying done sooner and go up to Dallas for the training and the exam sooner) for all her studying help and friendship through the whole process. Congrats to Trish, who also passed the exam! I also want to thank my friend & coach Rebekah, who helped both Trish & me study over the last 6 weeks before the exam and who also encouraged me to go for this personal training certification to begin with. Well, I had actually had this in my heart for the last couple years, but was really not doing anything about it to make it a reality. Looking on the internet for certifying bodies and programs does not qualify as taking necessary steps to acheive a goal!! So, it really was Rebekah that helped me to solidify my plans and my goal.

So, for now I plan on just continuing to help out the ladies in my church in our fitness ministry called Temple Foundations. I also have a neighbor that has hired me to help her as a personal trainer & I will eventually work with Rebekah as we do Boot Camps around the area.

For now, I am happy to have more initials to put behind my name:
Christina Barkley, BS, AAHCC, CI-CPT