Saturday, August 22, 2009

The more challenging the course, the more rewarding the victory! newest fashion accessory...the AIRCAST!!! SWEET!!!! (yeah - not really)
But hey - I'm gonna do my best to keep a good attitude through this. It is only (hopefully!!!) for 4 weeks & it is NOT the end of the world.
So, how the heck did this happen??? Well, after seeing the podiatrist this past Monday, August 17th & getting an X-ray & then an MRI on Tuesday the 18th, I was told that I have 2 stress fractures in my left foot (in the 3rd & 5th metatarsals). Basically, they happen as a result of overuse -- repetative pounding & being on your feet all the time.

The doctor did say, though, that we caught them early enough that only 4 weeks in the boot should be enough to get me back going again.
During that time I am allowed to swim & be on the bike trainer (with no/light resistance & no standing up out of the saddle). So, YAY! That is good!
Making the best of it, yesterday, we went to Lake Travis & I walked on the sandy shore in the boot! I did take it off so I could get in an open water swim while were you see the boot sitting there next to me on the left?
A girl & her boot...

So what does this mean for Ironman training? I have NO CLUE! HA!
I know it means I am obviously not running for 4 weeks. I know it means that I will not be doing the races I had planned for September:
The Austin Triathlon (Olympic Distance)

The PrairieMan 1/2 Ironman
Matt & I also have planned to go the Fort Davis, TX for a bike ride/race the 3rd week of September & I am hopeful to be able to do the ride & race (since I sould be out of the boot right before that weekend). Just crossing my fingers for that!
But again, I have no idea how this will play out in terms of Ironman Florida (race is on 11/7/09). I am basically in "trust God will work out the healing & details" mode.
This is a good place to be in, though, right???? :o)
I could be in stress out, anxiety mode & be getting NO WHERE fast!
If I do heal quickly - after 4 weeks in the aircast - I should still be able to get in 4 or 5 weeks of training for Ironman.
Do I see this whole situation as a hurdle or challenge? Absolutely. But, the doc said had I not come in when I did, I would have, without a doubt, completely broken the bones in my foot & consequently, would not have been able to do Ironman at all (or worse yet, been completely out of the game {working-out-wise} for months or a year!).
Probably a good thing this happened when it did & God willing, I will still be able to give 100% at Ironman in November.
And, when I do get through this challenge, the reward of finishing Ironman will be my victory!