Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In the Big Apple

I'm away from the Austin area right now in New York visiting my dad. All is well & the kids are liking their time here -- talking with Grandpa & chasing the cats around.

I have taken a few days off from training to get things done and get here for our spring break. I did do a short run today (about 35 minutes) - slow pace, just to get my heart rate up a bit. And I will taking tomorrow off so that the kids & I can tour around the Big Apple. We'll be taking the train & probably a cab, so all of those new experiences will be great for the kids. I am hoping to do plenty of walking, too, to help tired them out. I promised them we would stop by FAO Schwartz to pick out a toy! They are psyched about that!

We are here until very late Saturday night (not getting back to our house until 1am!) and then Sunday I teach my Thursday class group from 2-4pm and then it is off to Dallas just one hour later at 5pm to do my Cooper Institute Personal Trainer seminar and certification exam.

I won't get back from Dallas until late Friday night, too. This is going to be a long week ahead!

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