Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You're Doing a What???????

Have you lost your ever-lovin' mind?!?!?!
Why...yes! Yes, I have.
I have decided to finally start training toward a goal I have had hidden in my heart for a couple years now....completing my first Ironman Triathlon. Both the 1/2 Ironman (70.3K distance) & the full Ironman (140.6K distance) -- all in this upcoming year, 2009.
Yes, I figure I'm crazy as it is...why not add in another element of complete insanity to top it all off. More or less, it boils down to...I am not getting any younger & ever since I watched my first Ironman (Hawaii world championships) on TV as a kid, I have dreamed about what it must be like to push my body to the limits in training & in a race of this magnatude.
Don't get me wrong, though. I have absolutely no intention (at least at this point) in racing my first Ironman. In fact, to finish alone will be enough for me.
So, the plan for now is to aim to enter & compete in 2 1/2 Ironmans before next fall (2009) and then tackle the full Ironman in November 2009. I am hopeful to be able to register online and get a slot at either Ironman Florida or Ironman Arizona -- which ever I get into.
And the general training plan will be as such:
* Train for & tackle my very first 1/2 marathon this fall
* Train for & suffer through my first marathon this winter
* Continue to swim 3x/week
* Continue to bike 2-3x/week
* Strengthen my core & weight train
SO THERE!! It is officially OFF MY CHEST & ON MY BLOG!!!
Bring on 2009, BABY!!!!

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