Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Austin Triathlon - Race Report

Pre-race with the kids.

The long & the short of it: A GREAT RACE FOR ME!!
Total time = 2:46:53
The swim was good - it felt good - easy strokes, good breathing...although, it was breathing on every stroke which my coach isn't a fan of...but it helped me keep my heart rate in check. Got out of the water in just over 33 minutes - which is a decent pace for me for 1500 meters. (I know, I know....that's pretty slow) But, can I just say that I LOVE WETSUITS!!!
Transition #1 was smooth. Easy out of the wetsuit & onto the bike.
The bike was a 3-loop course for a total of 24.8 miles. I felt great on the bike - strong & happy. It's my gig. I live for the bike leg of every race. It is where I make up my lost time from the swim. All went well & I averaged almost 21 miles/hr.
Transition #2 also smooth.
Onto the run & Rebekah (my coach) warned me all week to start out slow & have a negative split. So I did. Started out sorta slow, but it felt fine & then I gradually picked up the pace a bit & felt SO good the whole time. What is up with that?!?! No one EVER feels "good" for a whole run. But, anyway, I did & I was so thankful. I finished the 10k in just over 55 minutes - with a 8:56 mile pace. Sweet! (Again - I know, I know...that's slow) But, this is strong for me.
Overall - it was a really great race. I gave it my all & placed 17th in my age out of 60 women. Not bad!

Feeling great on the run!

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