Saturday, October 24, 2009

HOLY CRAP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 2 weeks to Ironman! In just 2 more Saturdays, I will be swimming, riding, & running a total of 140.6 1 day! Eeeeeeeeeeeek!
So obviously, my running is not where it should be (because of the stress fractures in my foot & only just having those healed for a couple weeks now), but I am crossing my fingers that I can get through the 26.2 miles of running/jogging/walking without collapsing.
I feel good about where I am at with my swimming & riding, though. Two out of 3 ain't bad!
I actually did get 2 short runs in this week -- my first runs in the last 9 weeks. They went pretty good....slow, of course, but not like complete death as I had imagined. My body (foot, legs, hips) have felt ok since those runs & I hope to get at least a few more short runs in before race day.
Most importantly, I hope my foot (that may still be in slight recovery mode from the stress fractures) holds up during the marathon & that I don't re-injure it.

Still have race prep & packing to get done over the next week & a half, too. This could be a monumental task, as I always feel like I need to take more & have it if I need as opposed to not take it & then wish I had. Not to mention, being gone for one week means (well, at least for me) at least 1 giant suitcase. I can pack with the best of 'em! I know Matt always thinks I take too much when we go away - but I like to have options with clothes. So, me packing for a 1 week trip actually appears like I am packing to be away for over a month!
My first step to packing for Florida will be to start making lists. Heaven knows I can't remember ANYTHING without a freakin' list!
Anyone that has packed to go away for an Ironman have any must-have or must-take items that I should add to my initial list??
Any suggestions are appreciated!

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