Friday, May 22, 2009

Yes, it is official.....

...I have fallen off the face of blog-earth.
Quite a bit has happened since my last post...including a 5 hour 52 minute HALF-IRONMAN! WOO! Here's a link to my pics from this race on Facebook:
Lonestar Triathlon 2009
We also got a new roof on the house and a new fence in the back yard.
So....thanks to the flood this past fall (that forced us to gut practically the ENTIRE inside of our house), the hail storm a few months ago (that destroyed our roof), and the crazy wind storm a few weeks ago (that completey obliterated our fence) - we practically have a brand new house!
I'll tell you what -- 2008 & 2009 have certainly provided us with some craziness!
So many times I repeated Romans 2:28 to myself:
And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.
And now that we have weathered these storms, I can really see all the blessings that God has provided to us in them. Even during our challenges - He is so good to us!

Let's see...what else?
OH! My girls that have been training since March for their first triathlon (TEAM BOOTY!) did finish their first sprint-distance race - THE ROOKIE!
I was so thrilled for each & every one of them -- Melissa (who I have been working with for over a year now & who has gotten to be super-fit), Angie (who has so much spunk & determination & who just got her very first ROAD bike from the great guys at Spin City Cycling), Lizzi (who I've also been working with for a year & who has completely TRANSFORMED herself into a NEW human being!!), and last but not least Kristi (who, unbenounced to herself, has had a fierce athlete hidden inside her for God-only-knows-how-long!! She managed to take 10th place in her age group at her very first triathlon! WHO KNEW?!)
Anyway....bottom line....I am so very proud of each & every one of them on their hard work, determination, and their commitment to get healthy & strong!
You are being excellent role models for your family!
Here is Team Booty:

I also did The Rookie myself....coming very close to my goal time (I did 1:01:31 & was hoping for 1:00:20), but manage a PR (personal record for this course, none-the-less & came in 6th out of 67 in my age group, so I was happy about it.) That is always a fun race!
I did a Splash n' Dash, (a 750m open water swim & then a 3k run right after) too, the other night & had a decent swim (for me) and a decent run. Finishing 1 minute faster than my last Splash n' Dash, so that was good.
Finally, I am starting to be in "prep mode" for the summer. The kids have just 9 more days of school left & I am trying to think up some fun things for us to do during their time off. It will be so nice to let them stay up a bit later than usual & sleep in! I am looking forward to the summer!
For those of you that will read this today, have a GREAT Memorial Day loooong weekend! Enjoy the time off & be safe!
Also - good luck to everyone that will be racing the Cap Tex Tri this weekend! May the force be with you!!

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