Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What my God does for me...

I was reading this Psalm this morning. It is, of course, one of the most well-known passages in the Bible, but it is one that I think we pass over very often simply because we have heard it so many times before.
But recently, our pastor gave a message and talked about this Psalm & it inspired me to take a look at it closer.
In it, I found what He does for me...

He is my shepherd - my leader.
~ He shows me the way and protects me.

He is my provider.
~ He gives me everything I need.

He gives me rest.
~ He gives me times of peaceful refreshing, if I will slow down & listen.

He restores my soul.
~ He is faithful to renew my body, my mind, and my emotions when I seek Him.

He guides me in righteousness.
~ He alone gives me the desire to love & serve Him and others.

He is with me - always.
~ He never leaves me, even when I am at my lowest low.

He is my protector.
~ His embrace helps to keep my fears away.

He guides me with his rod & staff.
~ He shows me the way, disciplines me, and sets boundaries for me.

He comforts me.
~ His soft words and forgiveness show me the love and acceptance that I long for.

He is my advocate.
~ He vindicates me when I follow after Him and love others.

He annoints me.
~ He has blessed me abundantly so that I may share those blessings with others.

He has imprinted goodness & love in my heart and life.
~ His gift of grace enables me to give grace to others.

He has prepared a dwelling place for me with Him for eternity.
~ His sacrifice has given me all that I need.

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