Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tomorrow is going to be a BIG day!

After exactly 12 weeks of living in an apartment....we are finally getting to move back into our house!!
So, tomorrow our carpet is going in & our POD is being delivered to our driveway.
I have been cleaning at the house all this week, getting prepped & ready to get the boxes out of the POD so I can put our stuff back in place.
One nice thing about having a flood that destroys the inside of your house, (and wipes out a lot of your personal belongings, and puts you into an apartment for 3 months....) is that once you get your salvaged personal belongings back, you can PURGE what your don't want, can't use, or haven't seen or touched in years!
I think this is really the perfect way to start out 2009. A good cleansing & purging never hurt anyone.
I am thankful that God has seen us through all this. And, I am proud of our family for weathering this storm. It has been rocky at times, but it is these things in life that make us stronger & ultimately bond us more closely to one another.
Next Christmas we can look back & smile & say...."remember when our house flooded & we had to move out for 3 months?"

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