Tuesday, November 4, 2008

FLORIDA it is!!!!

So, Ironman Florida it is!! I got in online & got registered with only minimal hassle. So, so glad I got in here (as opposed to Ironman Arizona). I really wanted to have the beach atmosphere for Matt & kids so that they would have something to do while I am doing this epic race. It will likely take me 13 or more hours to complete.
I am so psyched to do this race, so psyched to train hard, so psyched to push myself farther than I have before!!
I realize that there will be so much sacrifice needed to achieve this goal, but I wouldn't be doing this unless I felt like I could tackle all of the challenges and the sacrifices.
Trev(my coach) also secured his spot at IM Florida!! YAY!! I am so glad the he & his wife Rebekah (my original coach) are going to be there!!
NOW -- onto the training!
1st Step - complete my first 1/2 marathon in less than 2 weeks. YIKES!!!!

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