Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've Realized....

I am not a writer. I always think about blogging about things that happen everyday, but by the time I get to the computer, I've either forgotten what I wanted to write (aka: mommy-brain) or I am too lazy.
I did want to add these pictures of Ella taken the other day, though. They are just too cute NOT to share. She was such a ham for the camera and really enjoyed having curly hair (thanks to foam curlers!).
So without further ado, Ella's photo shoot:

This is what it looked like after we took the curlers out first thing in the morning.
The back.

After a little styling:

Little Miss Bright Eyes:



Isn't she so sweet?!?!
Anyway, not much else new here...Jonah is doing well & happy to be done with school and be on summer vacation.
I did my 3rd triathlon of this season this past Sunday & did pretty good -- come in 80th place out of almost 2600 women. And came in 16th place out of over 400 women in my age group. It was a fun time!

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